Monday, February 19, 2007

No Exceptions for February

February has been such a tasking and trial month everything since I finished my exams has been on and on and on.

Wuchi's first news paper article came out on the 2. 02. 07 thanks to N.M who saw me for what I am and the honesty about me and my products and that i really make the products in small batches from home to reach my customers as fresh as possible, at the same time juggling between being a mum, wife, and mother and at the same time studying. And making sure the philosophy and ethos of the company are as i planned without any nasties.

That day 2.02.07 will always be in my memory, because I spoke to N.M earlier, and I was assured the article will be out in weeks, so we thought, I was woken that morning by a call from Mr s from Mersyside, asked again from where, he said Mersyside and embarrassingly I asked again and he said am calling with regards to your article in the daily express...

With shaky hands and wobbly feet and said please bear with me while i get a pen and take your details, with that the rest is history.

after the call i quickly ran off to my new agents and one only one daily express paper was left at my new agents, you guessed right, ran back home and the phone was going like mad. ringing off the hook with lovely and supportive people from all over Britain especially form the other side not London now i had to face my demons. like

-Website still being updated
-no pictures on the website- thought there was time to rectify all these before the article, i guess not.

Very challenging indeed , just like magic the small home photography studio arrived which shin ordered and over night the best pictures ever were taken and that cropping and picture uploading that was a problem in months we rectified in a blink......... amazing we had sleepless nights and email cos of photography blunder.

at the same time the web designers updated the website to be more user friendly just as i thought the site should look so that its easier for one to find what they want. it made the site more appealing and easy to shop. on the other side there were loads of fixing pasting changing, coping, amending.

I must Say that the article helped move wuchi one step closer to experience reality and make arrangements and provisions for every and anything. Now the site is most appealing, there is a customer price list thanks to R.M instead of the not so bad 3 Page A4 one which i nicely did, good for stay at home or display, but i wanted something handy and smaller lets just say i sometimes pretend to be a perfectionist by putting my self in place of the customer, what would they like.

There's been a lot of interest and positive feed back from customers and supportive people, I would like to turn all of these to positive purchase which as a team we have done by, sending out letters with a complete print out of the website for those who don't have any access to on-line facilities, fingers crossed that The WuChi mail order catalogue will be ready, as soon as I finish the rest of the write up for the outstanding labels.

Such a long story will keep you updated latter!!!