Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interview with Founder of WuChi by Maks - You Are Your Brand

I was interviewed  after my guest speaking engagement  at the British library and IP centre in May. This was in collaboration with the British Library's green and ethical month.
The feedbacks I received from the talk was absolutely fantastic and very positive. Days after,  I received an email from the lovely Sally Marsh of bonbonbalm.com  who was one of the attendes and this is what she had to say about my  talk- 
" Thanks for a brilliant talk! Just to let you know I have recommended you as a speaker to some other business organizations so you may possibly be contacted about this"  Sally Marsh
Thank you very much Sally. 

Sadly,  the video recording of the talk was lost at the last minute due to battery power. But, Cally Robson of She's Ingenious still performed a miracle over lunch by producing this unplanned video interview.

A little bit of the story of how we started...

Most people feel completely in the dark when it comes to branding a new product. In this interview, Amaka Olateju tells how she now realizes that SHE is key to fronting her luxury, ethically sourced organic skincare products, because her beliefs ARE her brand.
When Amaka Olateju found that none of the prescribed creams worked for her daughter's eczema, she turned to the knowledge handed down by her Nigerian grandmother who used herbs and natural products to produce healing remedies.

She spent more than 4 years creating and testing her own creams and lotions. Those that worked soon became popular among friends and family.
Amaka soon saw the potential for her remedies as a luxury range of natural skincare products, both organic and ethically sourced. She signed up to a business law and marketing degree and booked herself onto skincare manufacturing courses in her holidays. WuChi by Maks was born.
What Amaka didn't realize as she put together her website, was the importance of herself in promoting her business because everything she stands for IS her brand. But it's taken a journey of getting to know herself, and the world of business, to have the confidence to see it.

Precious Awards 2009 logo"You can achieve anything you set your mind to...but be prepared to work hard and know there will be good days and bad days. Establishing a business is like growing a seed...it will take care and constant attention but if you put in the hard work, the Universe makes sure that every step you take draws you closer to where you want to be."Amaka Olateju, Founder, WuChi by Maks

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Champagne & Mingle Pamper Party @ WuChi - the after photos

I didn't quite have enough time to put up the lovely pictures from our last champagne and Mingle pamper party on the 12th June before dashing off to Nigeria for two weeks due to a family bereavement.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a brilliant event. Thank you all for the suppport.

We all had a lovely time. The beauty team made a fantastic impact on making sure we all received a soothing massage in a tranquil, relaxed, atmosphere using the WuChi by Maks range of luxurious body oils. It was bliss and the feed backs very postive.

Here is some of the positive feed backs we received on the day from some of our precious, satisfied, customers...

 Relaxing body oil (lavender)
 " The lavender massage oil smells fabulous the blend of oil is wonderful- The best"
  Helena Konneh
Rose rejuvenating Day cream
" The Rose rejuvenating day cream is the best moisturiser i have ever used-it cant be rivalled"
Helena Konneh

 Nourishing night cream
"WuChi by Maks night cream!Wow! this is the most deliciously smooth, creamiest, softest night cream ever. My skin feels bautifully soft and moisturised just a small dab goes a long way"
Jenni McMillan

Almond Face scrub
" This product has a wonderful smooth texture to it... not heavy grains.my young tennage daughter has started to use it it's that mild. Thanks"
Kirstene Dixon