Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Obogine Totalicious

Am sure you will be wandering what a food picture is doing on my skincare blog, well, I want to share this lovely photo I took of  luch we made over the weekend.
Although, I actually I did not cook this one from start to finish, I helped out with the preparation.  It was hubby who did and I was happy to snap away and eventually tuck in with delight. The reason I brought this to your attention, is to share my philosophy of what you eat is also as imprtant as what you put on your skin. I don't use receipe books to cook but I enjoy buying and collecting them. Not alot though, because most Africans I know don't use receipe books to cook, including myself.But that is all changing now. Some books I collect because of the amazing pictures of the food and how it is presented. Remember, we see food through our eyes, then we smell the aroma and eventually eat by tasting.  Hence, I share a picture of this lovely lunch we made..  Let me know if you try it out sometime. Enjoy.

How to prepare:

1. Buy some lovely obogine, we used 3, cut in half and Scoop out the inside to make enough space to scoop in a filling but not to thin not to have enough to eat when it is ready.

2. Season your filling, we used minced meat. But firstly cut out some sweet red peppers, orange peppers, garlic, ginger and onions. Now chop the vegetables up.
Heat your pan and pour in a bit of olive oil or sunflower oil and wok the minced meat for about 5mins. Enough time to make sure that the minced meat and peppers and herbs are all marinated and almost cooked. I use a lot of hebs when cooking and this one has, cinnamon, chives, parrika, and hot pepper and sprinkle of salt to taste.

3. Then scoop the mixture into your oborgine and fill well.

4. Pop it in to the oven to bake for about 20 minutes. Infact after 10 minutes in the oven you will begin to small the aroma of the spice and it is absolutely beautiful.

5. Check that the oborgine is properly baked, you will notice a slight brownish colour and the juice from the oborgine- then it is ready to eat.

6 Here is a picture of the final stage - we topped it up with some fresh tomatoes-  it is delicious with a nice glass of wine. Bona petit.

P.S- I wasn't sure what name to give it though!

What do you think?

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