Friday, October 17, 2014

100% Virgin Human Hair @ WuChi

We now sell 100% Virgin Human Hair @ Wuchi.The texture of the hair is absolutely gorgeous, top quality hair direct from source. 

Our 100% Authentic Human Hair is high quality;

Brazilian Body Weave 

**Double hand wefted 
**No tangling
**Top quality Brazillian and Peruvian hair
**Can be reused and dyed to any colour 
** "10-22" inch lengths available 

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Get Ready for Winter

Just because summer is over does not  mean you can't look after your skin to maintain the softness and glow you worked hard to achieve during the summer months.

Just because from now on,you will start hiding the skin covered in black tights, trousers and thick layers does not mean you should neglect your skin care routine until , come spring when you join the bandwagon to start afresh.

You can still achieve flawless, soft supple skin underneath your winter wools simply by;
1. Using a good body scrub
2. Moisturise generously and 
3. Use a nourishing body oil 

Don't forget to keep hydrated even in the winter months.

What are your plans on how to keep the skin looking good even in the winter month?