Sunday, December 09, 2007

WuChi is one today! its our annivasary

Amazing how time flies. Its our anniversary, my skincare range is one today am so happy to be part of something so wonderful and fulfilling, to have touched peoples lives, made them happy and full of content for buying and using products that have made a difference and added benefits to their lives, hence a truly natural alternative to over hipped alternatives.

Thank you to everyone who' s been and is yet to be part of this wonderful journey and belief of mine. Thank you for all your support and fantastic feed backs of our range.

We are here to stay. A year ago today we celebrated the launch of the WuChi skincare range at a prestigious champagne and mingle event, since then we haven't stopped.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007

WuChi at the- Screen Nation Awards Oct 2007

WuChi by Maks will be at the indulge lounge of the screen Nation film & TV awards this year taking place on the 15th of October 2007 at the Hilton London Metrople W2.

Honouring Morgan Freeman and a whole lot of celebrities and Artist including Tandi Newton, Moira Stewart, Chiwetal Ejiofor, Naomie Harris, Sopie Okenedo.
For more information on the event visit
I will keep you updated on the event and the celebrities we will be meeting on the day plus how the indulge lounge will function on the day.
I am really excited but also am not sure what to expect or how the event will turn out. To tell the truth i don't know some of the celebrities who will be there by name or face ( i don't watch East Enders, i don't watch Coronation street, or Emmerdale) i think there should be more to life than existing in one place, growing old and not seeing the world. The whole scenario of being in one square ( seems to apply to all of them) bores me to bit. There's more to life than the circle turning round too quickly.
But never the less, am sure they are all fantastic programmes of which i haven't got a hang of, having moved here not to long ago. Although, i have enjoyed some fab programmed on telly, like Tribe, Sir David Attenbrough's deep blue Ally Macbeal... ("American", i know) and host of others. 'Am really trilled to be part of this event and look forward to it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Page Turner

I am currently reading this book, half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche....

An absolute page turner, written by a Nigerian. Got mine from borders because I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. ( was recommend by a dear friend) only to find out today it is going for half the price on Amazon.

This book is a must read for everyone and anyone who enjoys spectacular writing. Based on the true story of the Biafra war in Nigeria in the 70's where lots of lives were lost.
I was born 6 years after the war and have heard stories of the war from my parents and grand parents and uncles who were caught up in the war about the struggle and suffering of a just cause ,then Biafra.

I will talk more about my latest read as i progress. The humour is intelligent and nicely written and if you are Ibo and Nigerian like me, the use of Ibo words/language brings back memories of home, tradition and nostalgia of which you cant but smile, or laugh out loud as I did last week on the bendy bus to Liverpool street, the passengers should have thought I gone mad ( another one, mad people in suits).

Keep you posted! ....

Monday, August 20, 2007

No Dragon!

Recently, i received an email from the BBC to participate in the series 5 of the New Dragon's Den investment opportunities program. I turned it down and said no. This is the email i sent back-
Dear ****,

Thank you for contacting us with regards to possible consideration and participation for series 5 of the Dragons Den investment opportunities.

Although we welcome investment, partners and growth in our business, we do not believe that this programme is the way forward for us.

We are realistic, determined, passionate and committed to the Luxury, Ethics and Quality of our Natural & Organic handmade skincare company and do not want to be caricatured or seen otherwise having watched the programme on a few occasions.

Thank you very much again for the invitation.


Honestly, right now i could do with some money, constant cash flow, paid salary and a regular income but not to do a TV programme just for TV rating and everyone trying to outshine the other by speaking English.

When you go through the real ups and downs of starting a business from scratch, your effort and determination and hard graft passion and belief is not a TV Show it is absolute reality not a gamble to be debated about.

That's a fact it's either you believe or not!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Following your Inner heart

They say opportunity comes once and its either you know what you want or you don't have a clue what it is you really want.

According to an article in the Independent Saturday edition 11 August 2007 by Esther Shaw "
So you want to start your own Internet business? here's how she says
" There is more to it than putting up a site and waiting for the orders". As a budding on-line entrepreneur you will need lots of energy, enthusiasm, determination, and passion; but you also need to be realistic, success on the web is rare". 

But I say, What about companies like Amazon, Opodo, and Last
Personally, I believe anyone can be a successful business entrepreneur on-line or off it, it just depends on how you go about it. I personally believe anything and everything is achievable if you put your mind at it. And you have to really want it and work seriously hard to achieve it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Perfume Body Oils in Mini Sizes

Following the success of our luxurious body oils, the following products are now available in mini trial/travel 10ml Pulse Point Size for convenient luxury on the move.
*Rose face oil
*Sensual body oil
*Relaxing body oil
*Creme de la WuChi Toning body oil.

Not yet available online for purchase, will be uploaded shortly after an update from the web designers. To find out more about our body oils and learn more about how they will help improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being visit

Hope you like the new look handy small glass roller ball dispenser for easy application, they will fit easily inside any pocket or handbag and can be taken anywhere as travel sizes for quick feel good touch ups.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Latest exhibition updates to be added shortly!

Stand at the Asianlifestyle show Olympia Kensington July 6-8th 2007

Hello everyone thank you all for your comments and feed backs. As expected since the one day,one stop luxury press expo on 4 th July 2007 there is so much to talk about but i didn't get a chance as immediately after, the

Asianlifestyleshow followed starting from 6th,7th & 8th of july 2007, just one day between the two shows to prepare and put finishing touches to everything.
Just a sneak preview i uploaded my picture today which was taken by a photography studio at the asianlifestyle show imagesxcel photographic studios Belgravia, really nice except that it reminds me to go easy on carbs before my belly outgrows me ouch!
The bad bit of the Asian lifestyle show - apparently Someone stole my PDA phone
( O2XDA mini ) from my stand. what a way to end a three day event.
I know i will not get it back but hey we learn everyday don't we.

I will keep you updated as soon as i follow up all the press contacts.
"When you are a small business delegation is a luxury it cost money"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WuChi by Maks Stall in Spitalfields Market 2007

Been over 3 weeks since I finished uni yeepeeee! how time flies 3years of absolute hovering of books and information with exam frights and course work deadlines to meet I am glad it is all over for this chapter. Shola's been home with me 24/7 since then because has officially finished from nursery and due to start in reception class in September. Got extra hands to help ( if only)

Things are hotting up ! Business is really slow but there is always good news and feedback from people who have tried or bought anything.

I have plunged my self into looking for ways to create more awareness and develop my customer base, i decided to post a comment/reply on the everywomanwebsite ( online forum for women in business) in a bid to get out there, although the comment was for a free marketing plan from and lo and behold i had a fantastic free concise marketing plan written for me based on questionnaire and information i provided. Who says networking is not a good thing.
Following the good service ( free) I received I definitely will use their service again ( keep u posted on this) .

Instead of sitting around for people to come and buy my products i decided to take the products to the people to create awareness, free testers and information available i choose the one and only New spitalfieds traders market ( Friday 22.june .2007) - see due to the history of the market, the ambiance of the market and the quality of products available in the market as bespoke, designers and handmade.See my table display above - first day minimal I had Shin (husband)  and Shola (Son)  for support.

I enjoyed it we had tea from the tea house, my stand was just inches away from their entrance, Apparently, the usual tiny cup of tea cost £3.50 but you sat down and watched your tea prepared form different aromatic herbs whilst you listened to them tell you about  the history of tea.
Apart form the Boston tea party history and green tea for antioxidants, peppermint for full moon days that's it for me.
New things that have happened
  1. Redesigned price list
  2. Redesigned order form
  3. Designed a point of sale Leaflet for display
  4. Awaiting Banner
  5. Changed oil bottles to be more user friendly
New things about to happen
  1. See us at the asianlifestyleshow ( 0n6,7,8th July 2007
  2. A one day, one stop luxury press expo 4th july 2006 in London
So its busy weeks ahead, apart form all these I will be at the Spitalfields traders market from wed 27- Friday 29 June 2007 I will keep you updated.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My First Article

I believe there is always a beginning to everything, starting with the moment you make a start. I always wanted to write, not just write- but writing- that
  • will inform,
  • teach and inspire
  • make an impact on peoples lives, from writing
  • about how I started to
  • advice about health and beauty and
  • spa treatments to
  • beauty treatments,
  • new product developments and
  • branding
  • this is all from the expertise and experience i have gained from starting my own business and going through the process of running and growing it from scratch everyday.

I have fulfilled that today by sending of my first article to a luxury directory for everything gorgeous. Its my pleasure to share this article with you and hope it gets published... if not its published now anyway.

Time to buff & Scrub

Summer is almost here! It is time to start buffing and scrubbing up if you want to show off those sexy legs and toes in short flowing skirts with strapy wedges and flip-flops

Did you know that using a body scrub once a week to exfoliate can help you achieve a flawless, smooth, supple skin in time for baring all?

Body exfoliation helps increase circulation and encourages the elimination of built up toxins at the same time prepares the body for the absorption of tan lotions and replenishing moisturisers

Body scrubs as exfoliant helps refine the skin resulting in a longer lasting softer texture skin

Choose exfoliating scrubs that are not too grainy preferably ones with either sugar, salts, oatmeal, rice or tiny grains that are not too harsh on the skin, scrub gently

You will get more out of your body scrub by using exfoliating hand mitts works wonder as a duo.

Using body scrubs containing moisturising oils as part of its blend for added benefits will leave the body feeling smooth supple and soft, your body will love you for it and so would others be prepared for the whistle.

For immediate Release
May 2007
By Maks
WuChi is a range of luxury handmade products designed to create a home spa experience giving you the rewarding “me- time” you deserve.

Hope you enjoyed reading that, I welcome feed backs to polish my writing and style skills very vital for me to get the reader engaged and at the same time getting my message across.

Thank you in advance

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our First Exhibition Success

its been a weeks since our first exhibition at the Natural & Organic products Europe at the Olympia London 15-16Th April. A 2 day packed event with the whole industry it was a successful event and an eye opener too. Especially for a first timer!

Events leading to the exhibition are worth sharing,

first it was the labels- and second its the labels again, with the discovery of some of the labels running in steamy environment, we decided to start all over by condemning all the thousands of labels we already have and got new ones printed. amazing how at the very last minute i found us a printing company who are not only printers but do everything else. check them out as they are a wonderful business Holloway road branch by the way )

Now the labels are reprinted on the finest water resistant labels and we are so happy we did it, we printed them out, with a letter to everyone who purchased products, included VIP tickets to the event for them plus a letter telling them of the new discovery with the labels, how sorry we were and how we have sorted all that out, although its not all the labels that are affected, but not to take any chances we decided to reprint it all and send it out to everyone. peace of mind anyone.

Still on the labels- Now we have what we want- proper water resistant labels, but the problem was we had to cut them our selves loads and loads of them,

Poor S he was eating drinking and breathing labels, i almost guessed he was dreaming labels as he walked about, it was so much labels to cut, and still is we had to ask for help from our dear friends who are so sweet and supportive, they came to the house and label cutting it was, thanks to them, with steady hands V saved the day, i felt really bad when our dear friend drove an hour leaf the rest of the family cutting labels to go and get us a guillotine to make the cutting easier for us. if only they know what this meant to us and we will ever cherish this gesture not forget what great support this is.

will continue with more of the update latter got to go now----

Monday, February 19, 2007

No Exceptions for February

February has been such a tasking and trial month everything since I finished my exams has been on and on and on.

Wuchi's first news paper article came out on the 2. 02. 07 thanks to N.M who saw me for what I am and the honesty about me and my products and that i really make the products in small batches from home to reach my customers as fresh as possible, at the same time juggling between being a mum, wife, and mother and at the same time studying. And making sure the philosophy and ethos of the company are as i planned without any nasties.

That day 2.02.07 will always be in my memory, because I spoke to N.M earlier, and I was assured the article will be out in weeks, so we thought, I was woken that morning by a call from Mr s from Mersyside, asked again from where, he said Mersyside and embarrassingly I asked again and he said am calling with regards to your article in the daily express...

With shaky hands and wobbly feet and said please bear with me while i get a pen and take your details, with that the rest is history.

after the call i quickly ran off to my new agents and one only one daily express paper was left at my new agents, you guessed right, ran back home and the phone was going like mad. ringing off the hook with lovely and supportive people from all over Britain especially form the other side not London now i had to face my demons. like

-Website still being updated
-no pictures on the website- thought there was time to rectify all these before the article, i guess not.

Very challenging indeed , just like magic the small home photography studio arrived which shin ordered and over night the best pictures ever were taken and that cropping and picture uploading that was a problem in months we rectified in a blink......... amazing we had sleepless nights and email cos of photography blunder.

at the same time the web designers updated the website to be more user friendly just as i thought the site should look so that its easier for one to find what they want. it made the site more appealing and easy to shop. on the other side there were loads of fixing pasting changing, coping, amending.

I must Say that the article helped move wuchi one step closer to experience reality and make arrangements and provisions for every and anything. Now the site is most appealing, there is a customer price list thanks to R.M instead of the not so bad 3 Page A4 one which i nicely did, good for stay at home or display, but i wanted something handy and smaller lets just say i sometimes pretend to be a perfectionist by putting my self in place of the customer, what would they like.

There's been a lot of interest and positive feed back from customers and supportive people, I would like to turn all of these to positive purchase which as a team we have done by, sending out letters with a complete print out of the website for those who don't have any access to on-line facilities, fingers crossed that The WuChi mail order catalogue will be ready, as soon as I finish the rest of the write up for the outstanding labels.

Such a long story will keep you updated latter!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Real "Good start to The New Year"

Most times when a new year starts, we all make New resolutions and promises which never materialise and this is all due to the fact that we have promised to change something.
sometimes, the fact that you make the promise to stop something with immediate effect means that you will surely break it with immediate effect.

This year I did not make any new resolutions and will not be making any hence fort. Instead I promised my self to:
  • Stay focused,
  • Keep doing what am doing,
  • Believing in me, my self and my products,
  • My company,
  • Our ethos,
  • My family,
  • My passion,
  • My ability to make a difference, and contribute something to my community
  • Solve a problem,
  • Create benefit, happiness & satisfaction, and Most of all
  • Follow my heart
  • My dreams,
  • My vision and to believe that all those things i want and write in my book will always come true.
  • And To never give up even when the going is been tough, still tough and is challenging
  • To Keep the promise of making products that work, using the finest ingredients sourced fairly and ethically from around the world(No lies and no Nasties) Suitable for skin types.

BEST NEWS EVER for a good start to the year:
  1. The Daily express is doing a piece about Us [Yes!!!] all thanks to a loyal friend and customer who believes in us and what we are about "used our products and is happy with it". This means so much to me and am very proud of us.
  2. WuChi by maks products( have 2 major exhibitions lined up for the first quarter of this year, this will be very challenging as i will be writing my final exams and course workat the same time so help me God.

See our Event Dates

  1. Natural & Organic products Europe- 15-16 April 2007 at Olympia London -(stand-1143)
  2. Asian lifestyle show-6,7,8th July 2007 at Olympia London-(stand-c46)
  3. Wuchi Open Day Champagne & Mingle Events will continue this year Watch out dates and invitations
  4. Introducing "WuChi exclusive Personal Shopping" because you deserved to be pampered.

I have registered for a Diploma course to qualify as a Herbal Adviser and will be using herbs, botanicals and plant extracts to Advise during personal consultants whilst studying.

if you want to know more about any of the following events, to arrange personal shopping, advise on our products, or our champagne and mingle events please contact me on shop on-line at

2007-with all the Glory it brings!

Welcome to the start of a New Year and the beginning of even bigger and better things with all the joy and glory it brings. Apart from spending Christmas closely with everyone and my dear husband realising how fat I have become, I had a fantastic holiday.

In between the champagnes and bubbly, woofed down with a Pheasant and a Partridge in a Pear treeeee we banned turkey from our house in gods name. I still managed to finish the advert write up for our first paid advert. Which will be published soon in the next couple of days.

My exams are fast approaching too and course work deadlines are ever so nearer, everything seems to be happening at the same time all the dates are so close not even a chance for a breath of fresh air.

In between I have got in touch with the web designers who are at this moment in time, redesigning our product catalogue page to make shopping faster, accessible and convenient for our customers, who shop on WuChi by maks on-line shop our Secure e-commerce website with Pay-Pal Secure on-line payment facility.

Really looking forward to the transformation!