Thursday, May 17, 2007

My First Article

I believe there is always a beginning to everything, starting with the moment you make a start. I always wanted to write, not just write- but writing- that
  • will inform,
  • teach and inspire
  • make an impact on peoples lives, from writing
  • about how I started to
  • advice about health and beauty and
  • spa treatments to
  • beauty treatments,
  • new product developments and
  • branding
  • this is all from the expertise and experience i have gained from starting my own business and going through the process of running and growing it from scratch everyday.

I have fulfilled that today by sending of my first article to a luxury directory for everything gorgeous. Its my pleasure to share this article with you and hope it gets published... if not its published now anyway.

Time to buff & Scrub

Summer is almost here! It is time to start buffing and scrubbing up if you want to show off those sexy legs and toes in short flowing skirts with strapy wedges and flip-flops

Did you know that using a body scrub once a week to exfoliate can help you achieve a flawless, smooth, supple skin in time for baring all?

Body exfoliation helps increase circulation and encourages the elimination of built up toxins at the same time prepares the body for the absorption of tan lotions and replenishing moisturisers

Body scrubs as exfoliant helps refine the skin resulting in a longer lasting softer texture skin

Choose exfoliating scrubs that are not too grainy preferably ones with either sugar, salts, oatmeal, rice or tiny grains that are not too harsh on the skin, scrub gently

You will get more out of your body scrub by using exfoliating hand mitts works wonder as a duo.

Using body scrubs containing moisturising oils as part of its blend for added benefits will leave the body feeling smooth supple and soft, your body will love you for it and so would others be prepared for the whistle.

For immediate Release
May 2007
By Maks
WuChi is a range of luxury handmade products designed to create a home spa experience giving you the rewarding “me- time” you deserve.

Hope you enjoyed reading that, I welcome feed backs to polish my writing and style skills very vital for me to get the reader engaged and at the same time getting my message across.

Thank you in advance

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