Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WuChi by Maks Stall in Spitalfields Market 2007

Been over 3 weeks since I finished uni yeepeeee! how time flies 3years of absolute hovering of books and information with exam frights and course work deadlines to meet I am glad it is all over for this chapter. Shola's been home with me 24/7 since then because has officially finished from nursery and due to start in reception class in September. Got extra hands to help ( if only)

Things are hotting up ! Business is really slow but there is always good news and feedback from people who have tried or bought anything.

I have plunged my self into looking for ways to create more awareness and develop my customer base, i decided to post a comment/reply on the everywomanwebsite (http://www.everywoman.co.uk/- online forum for women in business) in a bid to get out there, although the comment was for a free marketing plan from redpetal.co.uk and lo and behold i had a fantastic free concise marketing plan written for me based on questionnaire and information i provided. Who says networking is not a good thing.
Following the good service ( free) I received I definitely will use their service again ( keep u posted on this) .

Instead of sitting around for people to come and buy my products i decided to take the products to the people to create awareness, free testers and information available i choose the one and only New spitalfieds traders market ( Friday 22.june .2007) - see http://www.spitalfields.co.uk/ due to the history of the market, the ambiance of the market and the quality of products available in the market as bespoke, designers and handmade.See my table display above - first day minimal I had Shin (husband)  and Shola (Son)  for support.

I enjoyed it we had tea from the tea house, my stand was just inches away from their entrance, Apparently, the usual tiny cup of tea cost £3.50 but you sat down and watched your tea prepared form different aromatic herbs whilst you listened to them tell you about  the history of tea.
Apart form the Boston tea party history and green tea for antioxidants, peppermint for full moon days that's it for me.
New things that have happened
  1. Redesigned price list
  2. Redesigned order form
  3. Designed a point of sale Leaflet for display
  4. Awaiting Banner
  5. Changed oil bottles to be more user friendly
New things about to happen
  1. See us at the asianlifestyleshow (http://www.asianlifestyleshow.com/) 0n6,7,8th July 2007
  2. A one day, one stop luxury press expo 4th july 2006 in London http://www.apandc.co.uk/
So its busy weeks ahead, apart form all these I will be at the Spitalfields traders market from wed 27- Friday 29 June 2007 I will keep you updated.

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rivergirlie said...

hello - your products look lovely. i'll keep an eye out for them from now on. i wish you every bit as much success as the two heroines of goodbye jimmy choo ... without the scandal!