Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WuChi Connecting on Social Media

With businesses and everyone going social media mania, like twitter, flickr, blogger, and Facebook we do not want to be left out so we decided to create a WuChi by Maks fan page on Facebook where we can connect, talk more and share more behind the scene information with our subscribers and customers about our products and what we are doing. Hopefully to build a closer interactive relationship.

Although it takes a while to get used to and eventually learn /understand how to manage all the social media sites we still took the plunge. Recently we just discovered tweet deck which some how seems to make it a bit simpler by having three of the most used social media sites in one.. twitter, Facebook and my-space; on it you can post and see everything all in one. Please don't ask me for more information because we are still getting used to the new gizmo's and getting used to the newly acquired freedom of speech.

However, this will all take a while and some getting used to.

Feel free to add us as your friend on facebook or to join our fan page.
so what do you say.. Lets connect via social media the next big thing.. since slice bread
Facebook fan page,
Blog, or simply click on the images above to link directly to the page.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Best Night Cream Award 2009 for WuChi

We received "Best Night Cream Award" for our Nourishing Night Cream from Miss Eco Glam Awards .

Click here to read the full review
Follow this link to find out more about our nourishing night cream.

Thank you to the team at MissEco Glam for this wonderful review and award.
Click here to visit Miss Eco Glam website.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Soap Making fun Day@ WuChi

These are the images from our latest Soap making workshop. This workshop however had kids in attendance.

We decided to add a kiddies fun workshop day to our workshops due to demand from parents wanting creative activities for their children
so we decided to create one.

We all had a lovely fun day making soaps coloring them adding botanicals and making different shapes. Wow!

Who better to make the perfect audience at one of our Soap making workshop but kids. Their feed back is absolute and they say it just as it is. They all had beautiful handmade soaps to take home. We got their creative minds buzzing. Well, For me it was therapeutic to watch them happy, excited and make their own soaps by hand to take home and as presents for members of their family.

Visit our Flickr photo gallery to view the full photo collection.

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