Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Soap Making

I learnt to make soap 4 years ago. The soap making course was on the cold process and melt and pour soap methods. Following my newly acquired knowledge i ordered every book possible from Amazon for my journey.

I researched and formulated my perfect soap recipe. Cautiously I started safely the melt & pour way, after learning about the health and safety that applied to the cold process soap making method using lye also known as caustic soda.

Following this, i had a go at my first batch of proper soap.

Finally when i attempted my cold process Soap.. there were trials, error, twicks here and there to make sure i got it right. I wanted that perfect lather and the perfect recipe using the most natural based ingredients i could source. I made sure i did not leave anything out.

My cold process soap moment came.. After i used and realised the benefits and lasting priceless lather from cold process soap.

After all my trials, error, batches and batches of soap until people kept coming back.

From that moment on i knew i could make soap, and a damn good one. One that i am proud of, soaps with more benefits than commercial bought soaps. Soaps that will not stripe the skin off any nutrients...

Cold process soap making to me is like art.. it's like making fine wine.. its like cheese making... it takes time to see the final result, and when you finally arrive at this result.. it is absolutely priceless and worth all the effort.. its fantastic.

It wasn't until after i attended another follow up course 4 years latter that i managed to finally get it right.

The feeling you get when you pour your soap in a mould and have to wait 4-6 weeks for it to cure( mature) is priceless.

Once you've tried/used proper soap you will never go back to commercial soaps. One can not begin to compare the benefits, talk of the creamy lasting lather.

I make cold process soap, i enjoy making soap and i am glad i do. However, i intend to teach and share my knowledge with others by running my regular soap making courses.

I am happy to say i make soaps that are so creamy everyone loves it and keep coming back..

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