Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Self promotion is not that bad ey!

This is purely self promotion! sometimes it helps to count your blessings.
And everything else will follow. Especially now that everything is happening at the same time.
Presently things are hotting up! apart from the WuChi black box under way- see previous post

We are preparing for 2 prestigious health & beauty exhibitions where our products will be show cased

(1) The vitality show 27th-30th March 2008
Olympia, Kensington London

(2) Natural & Organic products Europe
13th-14th April 2008
Olympia, Kensington, London
Same venue and only a week apart. If only after the first event things stay the same and we just stroll in a week after to continue from where we stopped. I hear you say "you wish" yeap absolutely.

I love challenges and besides events like this are a big learning curve for me to keep abreast with the Skincare and cosmetic industry. You have to know what is happing in the market otherwise take a hike.

Give you an example- Following the first ever exhibition at the Natural and organic products Europe exhibition in less than a year we re-branded about 13 of our products, We changed the packaging ASAP to conform with the luxurious, sophisticated, clean, stylish but simplicity of our image. It is not that the jars were not fantastic - it's just that We are WuChi

I say its been absolutely worth it and it is called Branding to the T ( Knowing what you want)

Monday, March 17, 2008

WuChi black box in the making

Hi everyone wishing you all a happy St Patrick's day and a happy birthday to baby who turned 5 today.

OK- I confess I know I have not kept up my blog lately please forgive me, I promise to fit it in with the children, the news letter, the office( at home of course), the school run, and the everything else mums have to do and then end up supper mums.

Close your eyes and imagine doing the cooking and sending an email and answering the phone and helping with the home work all at once.

I assure you its not that bad.

Hope I have not made a bad job about making you change your mind about working from home, running a business you are passionate about, juggling 2 children/family and being 4 people in one. And oh.... Not forgetting work life balance.

OK What u been up to? behind the scene at WuChi

You see above there,!
there what!
that picture above!
wow that's huge,
what is that then?
you guessed right that!

That is my NEW Workshop! We call it WuChi black box. Am so excited i am moving from my kitchen table to my Garden. A formal workspace/shed to keep creating all my luxurious skincare goodies. I am so excited i cant wait. if only you know how much this means to me. I confess for over a year i have had a picture of shed/workshops i pasted on the wall in the home office right in front of my computer that i look at everyday for inspiration, and here its finally what i always wanted.

I will keep you posted with more photos and progress! with The WuChi black box- OK

So What do you think?
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