Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our First Exhibition Success

its been a weeks since our first exhibition at the Natural & Organic products Europe at the Olympia London 15-16Th April. A 2 day packed event with the whole industry it was a successful event and an eye opener too. Especially for a first timer!

Events leading to the exhibition are worth sharing,

first it was the labels- and second its the labels again, with the discovery of some of the labels running in steamy environment, we decided to start all over by condemning all the thousands of labels we already have and got new ones printed. amazing how at the very last minute i found us a printing company who are not only printers but do everything else. check them out as they are a wonderful business Holloway road branch by the way )

Now the labels are reprinted on the finest water resistant labels and we are so happy we did it, we printed them out, with a letter to everyone who purchased products, included VIP tickets to the event for them plus a letter telling them of the new discovery with the labels, how sorry we were and how we have sorted all that out, although its not all the labels that are affected, but not to take any chances we decided to reprint it all and send it out to everyone. peace of mind anyone.

Still on the labels- Now we have what we want- proper water resistant labels, but the problem was we had to cut them our selves loads and loads of them,

Poor S he was eating drinking and breathing labels, i almost guessed he was dreaming labels as he walked about, it was so much labels to cut, and still is we had to ask for help from our dear friends who are so sweet and supportive, they came to the house and label cutting it was, thanks to them, with steady hands V saved the day, i felt really bad when our dear friend drove an hour leaf the rest of the family cutting labels to go and get us a guillotine to make the cutting easier for us. if only they know what this meant to us and we will ever cherish this gesture not forget what great support this is.

will continue with more of the update latter got to go now----