Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Latest exhibition updates to be added shortly!

Stand at the Asianlifestyle show Olympia Kensington July 6-8th 2007

Hello everyone thank you all for your comments and feed backs. As expected since the apandc.co.uk one day,one stop luxury press expo on 4 th July 2007 there is so much to talk about but i didn't get a chance as immediately after, the

Asianlifestyleshow http://www.asianlifestyleshow.com/ followed starting from 6th,7th & 8th of july 2007, just one day between the two shows to prepare and put finishing touches to everything.
Just a sneak preview i uploaded my picture today which was taken by a photography studio at the asianlifestyle show imagesxcel photographic studios Belgravia, really nice except that it reminds me to go easy on carbs before my belly outgrows me ouch!
The bad bit of the Asian lifestyle show - apparently Someone stole my PDA phone
( O2XDA mini ) from my stand. what a way to end a three day event.
I know i will not get it back but hey we learn everyday don't we.

I will keep you updated as soon as i follow up all the press contacts.
"When you are a small business delegation is a luxury it cost money"

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