Saturday, August 18, 2007

Following your Inner heart

They say opportunity comes once and its either you know what you want or you don't have a clue what it is you really want.

According to an article in the Independent Saturday edition 11 August 2007 by Esther Shaw "
So you want to start your own Internet business? here's how she says
" There is more to it than putting up a site and waiting for the orders". As a budding on-line entrepreneur you will need lots of energy, enthusiasm, determination, and passion; but you also need to be realistic, success on the web is rare". 

But I say, What about companies like Amazon, Opodo, and Last
Personally, I believe anyone can be a successful business entrepreneur on-line or off it, it just depends on how you go about it. I personally believe anything and everything is achievable if you put your mind at it. And you have to really want it and work seriously hard to achieve it.

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