Monday, August 20, 2007

No Dragon!

Recently, i received an email from the BBC to participate in the series 5 of the New Dragon's Den investment opportunities program. I turned it down and said no. This is the email i sent back-
Dear ****,

Thank you for contacting us with regards to possible consideration and participation for series 5 of the Dragons Den investment opportunities.

Although we welcome investment, partners and growth in our business, we do not believe that this programme is the way forward for us.

We are realistic, determined, passionate and committed to the Luxury, Ethics and Quality of our Natural & Organic handmade skincare company and do not want to be caricatured or seen otherwise having watched the programme on a few occasions.

Thank you very much again for the invitation.


Honestly, right now i could do with some money, constant cash flow, paid salary and a regular income but not to do a TV programme just for TV rating and everyone trying to outshine the other by speaking English.

When you go through the real ups and downs of starting a business from scratch, your effort and determination and hard graft passion and belief is not a TV Show it is absolute reality not a gamble to be debated about.

That's a fact it's either you believe or not!

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