Monday, May 22, 2006

The beginning

This is the most challenging thing I ever done for now, apart from getting married  and having children.

Ok! I hear you say, yeah right another one of those start up stories, the same thing I say after reading another inspirational start up book and "how they made it" yet I still have Richard Branson's book (Losing my virginity on the shelf) which I haven't  finished reading .

However, there are quiet a few books that I read and enjoyed very much;
  • when I read Goodbye jimmy choo by Ann Sanders recommended by Tina in an Italian restaurant on Green lanes London. I loved every part and almost felt I was in the village with them setting up their skincare company
  • Then I read White ladder diaries by Ros Jay I was so inspired  and was on the internet straight away checking out her website and web designers.
Then other books followed like "Anyone can do it" by Sahar and Bobby Hashemi
i was out looking to buy coffee in the nearest coffe republic shop except that i could't find any, don't blame me i only just moved here.
and other books and other books followed. But one thing I felt whilst reading the coffee republic story was, i felt they were playing safe with words and especially the availability of finance.
no one seems to tell the real story of how hard it really is setting up a business and how realistic projections seem to become unrealistic.

The good and bad days, physically, emotionally, shouting match days, PMS days (blessed are those who are absolutely normal) and all the "who sent me days" and " why am i even doing this" days.
prepare yourself for the real start-up story that will change your life and inspire you to empower yourself regardless of what dreams you dare.

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