Sunday, October 01, 2006

Its been five days since my website went live, yet no one is ordered. Ok they say "just as you read in books that it takes a while before people start to order from your site or begin to get to terms with new products that are on offer, I must confess that am really anxious. The website statistics shows mostly my IP address. Ok may be a few friends but!

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I honestly decided to lunch the site and the company with 35 products, with the rest of the ranges coming soon, to be added latter even though I have created 64 products. I don't want to take on too much at a time. It would be to much to do at the same time.
due to reasons such as

1. We are moving home in approximately a weeks time. Builders have been in there for the past three month, I wish it all went as planned we could have moved in sooner and got settled in preparation for everyying else.

2. I resume uni on Monday (Final year mother of 2, mature student's Hons Business law & Marketing) . How time flies, unbelievable that I have been on holiday since June, I spent it in front of the computer working to get my company running and website go live, and am ending it in front of a computer working, But with my site live and no bucks, but with loads of achievement and focused thought to the beginning of better things to come.

3. My son is back to nusery on Monday since I caged him at home with me, he was allowed to only play in the garden, watch telly, play in our local park after we pick his sister from school for 5 min which last like 30 after I remember how am depriving the children of play and spending my time working and working and working, am I a workaholic?
Sometimes, i belive this is part what you must do if you want to see things happen you have to make sacrifices only that I make sure its balanced.

4. My daughter starts a new after school club on monday, she has to be picked up by 6pm, ok people am alive and i will be stocking up on ginseng for energy

what will be the point running round like a hampster to pick two children from different places everyday, before finally settling down to make dinner for the family. Is this what everyone else does or? well i will be back running round like a h

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