Thursday, May 21, 2009

WuChi Featured in Woman & Home

WuChi by Maks- Sensual Body Oil featured in woman& home as Tuesday's buy for May 2009. by beauty editor Lynn Cardy.

"While drifting around the natural and organic show last week, we discovered Wu Chi - a gorgeous new organic skincare range and literally fell on their luxurious Sensual Body Oil and wouldn’t let go.
This exotic multi-purpose oil can be used right after a bath to soften and hydrate, or be smoothed on as a delicate fragrance.
What’s in it? A blend of cold pressed oils, including wheatgerm, Bulgarian rose otto and Ylang Ylang essential oils."

Warm a little in your palms, apply with long strokes and massage into skin for a truly sensual experience. Better still get someone you love to do it for you!
£25.90 for 200ml.

Thank you Lynn for this feature.
see link here

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