Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Healing Power of Honey

For centuries honey has been used for its therapeutic purpose to heal all sort of ailments including cough and sore throat and of course as a natural sweetener for food.
According to research, the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey is as effective as modern medicine.
A senior lecturer in biochemistry at the University of New Zealand Dr Molan, found that Manuka honey from the flower of the famous New Zealand Tree Bush has medicinal properties not found in other honey. Mauka honey is known to strengthen the immune system, it helps heal wound and fights all kinds of infection internally or externally. As a drink, natural honey and lemon juice also make a great drink to start the day, as the honey will boost your energy level with a gentle detoxifying effect.
Honey is versatile and the effectiveness is noted across the food and beverage industry, health, beauty and in complimentary medicine.

Mauka honey contains nutrients vitamins, amino acids and minerals the benefits are extraordinary it is moisturising, rejuvenating, nourishing, protecting and healing.Honey works as a humectant by drawing moisture into the skin.

Here at WuChi by Maks we love our honey, we use honey in our products and are very careful where we source our honey from and the honey we use in our products is from sustainable resources.

While at the natural and organic product exhibition I  became an fan of a company called Tropical Forest honey.. very delicious honey sourced from wild bees that thrive in forest across Africa. They were so kind to also give us some sample of their Organic Beeswax to try in our products.

For a home spa  beauty experience try using honey at home for a facial.  Apply honey on your face leave for 5-10min and rinse off.

The healing power of honey to stimulate wound healing and rejuvenate healthy skin is well documented.

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