Thursday, June 10, 2010

Champagne & Mingle Pamper Party @ WuChi by Maks 12th June 2010- Two more Days to go

Wow!  how time flies. Only  two more days to our Champagne & Mingle Pamper Party. We are putting finishing touches to last minute preparations.  Okay here we go;
Champagne- Check
Glasses -Check
Chocolate fountain- Working

Nail polishes- check- hmm lots of summery colours
Ladies- Check,  lots of confirmations-
Clay Mask- Check
Candles- Check

WuChi Team- working hard

The Boys- Watching football- World cup starts

Look forward to having a good time...


ATADesigns said...

Hi Amaka,
Thanks for your comments re my new Art Deco Wallpapers. Your pamper evening looks like fun, great stuff!

Phillip Anthony said...

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