Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Clay Face Mask: My Favourite Recipe

Before I share my favourite home- made face mask recipe with you, I will share a bit of why we all need a face mask and why we should all have one.... at least once a week.. depending on your skin type and why you really don't need to be in a spa environment to get one.
For thousands of years mask has been used to clarify the skin and get rid off any unwanted pores or problems . The benefits of clay was discovered by Egyptian slaves who noticed the benefits of how their skin felt each time they washed their clothes at the edge of the Nile River.

The benefit they noticed was softer feet.. and so decided to apply it to their face and hands and the rest they say is history. We have evolved to add different ingredients to suit our skin types as it applies to us with the discovery of new potent plant ingredients, essential oils , extract and botanicals.

Just to clarify when I say Mask I refer to the following,

Green clay( used for the treatment of various problems & suitable for normal or sensitive skin)
White clay( used for sensitive skin)
Pink clay (used for dry or sensitive skin)
Yellow clay (mostly for normal and or oily skin)

Personally I use green clay and and will refer to this as it applies to almost everyone and mostly used in the skincare and cosmetics industry.

Finally-My Recipe

2-Tbs- Clay
2- Tbs-Rosewater

*Combine the Clay and Rose water
*Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly until you get a smooth paste.
*Apply to your face and leave for 10-15min
*Rinse off with warm water or (use muslin cloth) and follow with a moisturiser.

Benefits: this mask is deep cleansing, it will help to tone and heal congested skin + make your skin supple, glowing and healthy the honey has antibacterial benefits.

What you need to know:
*Mask are best applied to a well- cleansed face
*for better results , steam your face for 5min before application or soak a muslin cloth in warm water wring and cover your face to steam for 5 min.
*The steam opens your pores to allow the mask sink in deeper.
*Frame your face with a hair band to create a canvas!

So there you go... What do you think? Let me know how your skin feels after words..
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Speak soon!

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Anonymous said...

Got introduced to the range sometime last year.. been using wuchi products for some time now and my skin feels absolutely gorgeous and healthy; i recommend the rose face oil and the rose rejuvenating day cream for a healthy glow...because everyone says i look younger

Many thanks