Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WuChi Pamper Evening

Our recently held pamper evening on the 26th June 08 was fantastic. We and everyone who came had a fabulous time. I must thank everyone who took the time to attend the launch of our new workshop called "The WuChi Black Box"

From Korin & Julia Nolan of sweetiedarling Organisers of fabulously fun events http://www.sweetiedarlingevents.com/ who are having an utterly gorgeous celebrity Pamper Party on the 16th September 08 in China White, look out for after party pictures in OK magazine. To find out more visit their website for more information.

To all the friends of St John's, our growing customers, our friends from HFI, our friends, our family, our neighbors, and especially the WuChi Team who made this event possible, our friends who helped out during the last minute rush to make sure everything was sparkly and ready.... it was fun and we enjoyed every bit of it.

I wish we made a video of how everyone and the workmen were on a last miniute mission to complete all the works just in time for the launch.. i rushed out last minute to buy fresh flowers ( White lilies & Roses), while the men rushed out to get more Marsh Mellows and Strawberries for the chocolate fountain.

The chocolate fountain( with fresh strawberries & Marsh-Mellows on skews) was one of the highlights of the pamper evening..i must say it went down really nicely with a glass of chilled Champagne

Very indulgent taste, a must try for any luxurious pamper event... (you herad it here first)

The other highlight of the pamper evening was having a masseuse for an indulgent Massage using our WuChi Oils and it was a ritual...

We had a hand & arm massage corner, there was eyebrow threading, there was also a face mask corner and then the mingling bit...

Who Made it possible?

Shin is the master planner,designer and master Architect that delivers under pressure any time... he painted the box himself, see some pictures above, he laid the lawn himself and shocked Halil and the rest of the workmen when they arrived in the morning to finish from where they stopped only to find out he's finished it.

Halil, our friend, our builder and his team... gosh.. i put you all under pressure without even saying a word.. i paced about calmly from my office upstairs with fingers crossed.

It was all about team effort, team believe and team support.. it was worthwhile.


What i wanted to achieve?

I did not want this to be just another event, i wanted this to be a way of saying thank you to our customers, friends and everyone, it was not going to be just about trying and buying products i wanted it to be the "Ultimate indulgent pamper evening"
" an evening to get pampered this is why we had therapist on hand to look after everyone and they sure had fun.

The date for the next Champagne & Mingle Pamper event is almost here... WATCH THIS SPACE...

10% proceeds of the night was in support of the "Friends of St Johns" and we did very nicely.

The not so good bits
*We were so busy no one took a single photo
*When the glass sliding door was delivered 2 days to the event, only to find out that there were broken/scratched bits, it had to be taken back immediately, "The Black Box" was launched with one door... But the show went on...

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