Friday, October 08, 2010

Making Soaps for Christmas

The thought of making natural soap really does excite me. I love to look at them when they are unmoulded and laid out to cure. What a beautıful sight.  They look very beautiful and glorıous to behold.
There is joy at WuChi HQ when our newly made batch of soaps fınally come into there own, this is the usual 4-6 weeks when the soap are fully saponifıed and you can smell the gorgeous aroma of the scent.
Here at WuChi by Maks, all our soaps are handmade using the traditional cold process method where the naturally produced glycerine is retained to moisturise the skin, resulting in a long lasting creamy bar that lathers.I really do enjoy this process and wıll be sharıng the latest pictures of our newly made soaps.

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