Monday, November 01, 2010

WuChi by Maks- on BBC News 24

We were recently contacted by producers of a new BBC news 24 programme called 'Show me the Money'. I was asked to show and demonstrate my expertise in making natural skincare products. And then interviewed about how WuChi by Maks was started, the benefits of  running a business, being an entrepreneur and the challenges of running and growing a company from scratch.

It is one thing when you are working by your self and very different when you have journalist and the camera watching.

Part two was then filmed at the BIPC with other female entrepreneurs to discuss the benefit we derive from a women's networking group. It focused on how we help and empower each other at different stages of  our businesses and the benefits networking with other entrepreneurs brings. The whole experience was fantastic.

Having now watched the BBC feature which was shown yesterday the 31st October, it went really well. It was a wonderful experience it projected what we do and how hard we work at WuChi HQ making our lovely luxurious skincare products.  I  had fun filming the segment  and a lot of work went into the preparation. I feel privileged and blessed to be part of the experience. Thank you to the team.


Sarah Thexton said...

Wow, great news about the BBC piece - well done! I wish I'd read this earlier and had a chance to watch, it sounded really interesting. Best wishes, Sarah (Found you via UK Handmade btw!).

Amaka Olateju (Maks) said...

Thank you very much for your comments Sarah. It was quite an insight into the hard work that goes into the process of filming. It was great fun! I hope there will be a rerun on TV, as due to the BBC's licensing policy, some shows are only on iplayer for a few days before it is taken down... Best Wishes, Amaka