Thursday, August 16, 2012

Solid Perfume (Making Perfumes)

I have been interested in fragrance and natural perfumery for as long as I can remember. My nose/interest for natural perfumes and essential oils led me to books on the subject, the more I read the more intrigued and fascinated I became. I finally followed my nose,  and this love of natural perfumes led  me to train as an Artisan Natural  Perfumer in 2010- to get a hands on feeling of different  blending techniques. I must add that it takes quite a considerable amount of time and dedication and some getting used to, to understand the vast number of oils and essences in perfumery. Even though I have been working with essential oils and botanicals for as long as I can remember in making my range of skincare products. The art of blending perfumes is extremely  creative, some may see it as a lot of work but I see it as calming, enjoyable and relaxing.

I created a new solid perfume recipe, and  three months on, the scent combination seems to have come into its own with hints of Exotic Egyptian Jasmine, White Champaca  and Osmanthus. This reminds me of the perfume I created when I worked with Alec Lawless of Essentially Me in 2010 -  where I learnt of a different way of blending with calculations to create perfumes. If mathematical calculations is not your thing, honestly, it takes a lot of getting used to.

With the new perfume blend that I've been working on, I wanted to create something that would intrigue and invoke the sensual scenes but at the same time connecting with your inner strength and scense of being. I put it quite simply, a bouquet of flowers with intriguing scents that makes you want more.

I enjoy connecting to nature through a scence of smell and perfume,  including everything aromatic and smelling nice. I would like to convey this in my perfumes, whether solid or liquid but luxurious and personal. My perfumes are still a work in proggress and am loving the exotic blend of oils and infustion of extracts both in the solid solid and liquids. I will share updated information soon, but in the mean time keep an eye on the website to purchase. And this blog for latest  information.

About Solid Perfumes:
Solid perfume have been in existance for thousand of years. Aparently, it was used by the Egyptians to smell nice, you can connect with someone if you smell nice. I like people who smell nice because there is just something about figuring out which scent the perfunme they are wearing is.Solid perfume is deeply rooted in the history of many cultures. The blend of fragrant botanicals with wax and oil creates a unique experience for the wearer. Solid perfumes are easy to carry around in a purse or pocket and are a truly discrete way to wear your perfume as they stay close to your body which makes them ideal for environments where you are in close proximity to others.

pic credit: one of the old pictures that I treasure from blending perfumes.


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